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New Joints From E The Real.....

Today, we got new joints from WYDU favorite, E The Real. Dude is gearing up for an album, The Wall Street Project, set to drop in the next few months. I've heralded E as one of those straight up, go for the throat, type of emcee. These tracks are no different. First is a remix of one of my favorite songs from E, "Keys of Success" by DJ Ross Rosco. The second is a Dilla flip...but wait, before you say "It's been done before", just hear E rhyme over the Dilla beat that he did for Men In Hats, that cheesy 80's music that I still cringe at when I hear. But this one works.....Check for yourselves


DJ Ross Rosco blessed us with a new remix for E The Real’s song “Key To Success”. Ross mixed in the classic “Livin Proof” instrumental while E does what he does. If you missed the original version produced by Paul Mighty you can check that below too.

Key to Success (Rosco Livin Proof Remix) by DJROSSROSCO

Key to Success (Prod. Paul Mighty) by E THE REAL

Stones Throw recently leaked a new song off a new J Dilla project where Dilla flips a beat from the 80’s dance hit “Safety Dance” from the group “Men Without Hats”. Leave it to Dilla to sample a song that some people would consider cheesy or a guilty pleasure and turn it into a track that Hip Hop heads drool over. E The Real is no exception. E decided to create his own “Safety Dance Remix” thanks to J Dilla’s amazing beat which he called “Men With Hats”. Dilla has a unique influence on the game that most producers will never achieve. E isn’t known to use “industry beats”, but on this occasion Dilla had E hooked and he couldn’t get the tune out of his head. Now he made his own version that will stick in your head. Kinda Dusty would like to apologize in advance. Enjoy!



Lady Daisey - Magical Remixes

For Lady Daisey, the hits just keep on coming. If you remember right, we've been previewing the songs for her first single, "Magical," from her upcoming album, In My Pocket. The digital single features the original and four remixes from her friends, DJ Vadim, Supa Dave West, Paten Locke and Batsauce. Today, we have not only the Supa Dave West remix for the masses, but we also have a (key the music) WORLD-WORLD-WORLD-WORLD P-P-Premiere, with Paten Locke's remix. Did I mention, it's the first time heard anywhere?

You may remember Supa Dave West from his De La Soul fame. He did some production for artists such as De La Soul and Phife. It's good to see him add his twist to the creation of the single. It's a rather dope beat that fits well.

Lady Daisey - Magical "Supa Dave West Remix"

The second is probably my favorite so far and of course it's from Paten Locke. Paten just takes the original concept and adds on to it. I'm not sure if it's better than the original, but it's just as enjoyable.

Lady Daisey - Magical "Wow Mix" by Paten Locke



Obii Say & Sinitus Tempo - The Vinyl Proxy 1965

Trav's Take - Wow.....did I mention wow? This is why I still wade through high volumes of emails, to find that one diamond in the ruff. One emcee, one producer, Obii Say & Sinitus Tempo. Both of them are damn good at what they do. The result is one cohesive, no filler, play-with-fast-forward-button-broke, dope from start to finish project. This is one of the better projects to come across my email account in sometime. Admittedly, it made it past the first screening process I have. The cover doesn't really do it any justice, but the description got me to play the two tracks attached, "World of Lost," and "Prosperity". They were dope enough that I downloaded the project. I unzipped it with the intention to listen to it, only for it to sit idle for a few days. I finally got around to playing it, and was intrigued right off the bat. Admittedly, it's a project that is better enjoyed as a whole. I kept playing songs, thinking, "yeah that's dope," then another, thinking it was dope, but after it was all done, I wanted to play it again. That doesn't happen for me a lot anymore. The emcee, Obii Say, does take a little getting used to, as he kind has that mumbled delivery with a higher tone (think a Q-Tip), but once you do get used to him, you appreciate him as an integral part of the music, and he's only 17.... These two DC cats should be up and comers for years to come, for those of us appreciate dope beats and lyrics.

Obii Say & Sinitus Tempo: The Vinyl Proxy 1965

Sinitus Tempo, a time-traveling producer from Washington DC, sinks himself deep into the crates to give music listeners a taste of what’s been missing by presenting up-and-coming lyricist, Obii Say in The Vinyl Proxy 1965. Hosted by DMVUnplugged, this musical enclave is more than expected from a few, young men.

Obii Say, who sheds light on the world with his relics as 17-year old youth, delivers in the capacity of one who has been in the game for as long as he’s lived. The tape has an eclectic mix of sounds, all produced by Tempo with guest vocals from DMV favorites such as Benji, Lola Maxwell and Lyriciss.



G-Side In Oslo.

Picture courtesy of: 30 pack

I ask again, does anyone not like this ish?

I drove up to Oslo this over Easter to see G-Side live, a seven hour drive I didn't mind at all, since Alabamas G-Side is one of the best rap groups I've been around to see come up. And I know some of yall enjoyed their album Huntsville International from last year. I don't have any videos or pictures of my own, since I never bothered to buy a camera, instead I invest all my money in memories, created by alcohol. So all I can tell you is I have memories of the show being awesome, rappers Clova and ST 2 Lettaz are very pleasent and cool people, as are their manager Codie G, producer CP The Dream, their DJ DJ Dirrty, the their entire crew.

Luckily alot of other people did bring their cameras, and I'm sure they don't mind me posting their videos right here.... So I will, I wouldn't though if the vidoes where of as poor quality as live clips usually are. The duos energy shows really good, and makes this videos must-sees for any fans of great rap music (in my opinion). The first clip has suprisingly good sound and visibility for a club concert, maybe because the norwegians now to spend money on good soundsystem and have prohibited smoking in clubs so you can film and actually see shit. Right this first video starts off with short interview before the show kicks off..

A lil while after the show was over, the crew came back down from backstage and joined the Southern Hospitality crew, who was DJ'ing, behind the booth and kicked off some extra few songs from right there. There's a video of that too:

Tell me they can't rock a show..
Before leaving Norway G-Side had time to record a brand new song and video, produced by local talent Basmo Beats and featured by one of Norways most famous the wedding singers and rappers, Chriss Lee. Here's that video:

Pictures and videos courtesy of 30 Pack, Codie G and Club Juicy. Great night. In case you missed it, you can find G-Sides last record right here at WYDU.


Rhymefest - Dangerous 5-18

Rhymefest's Dangerous: 5-18 mixtape is eloquently mixed by DJ RTC!

Be on the lookout for a Court Dunn "One Shot" video for "Letter" to be appearing in the next week or so.

Rhymefest's sophomore LP, El Che, will be released on 5-18-2010!!


Spectac & Amiri - Keys to the Vault

With just one week until their Almost Famous album release date, Spectac and Amiri drop the Keys to the Vault mixtape today for free download. Keys to the Vault is sponsored by The Originators, 2 Dope Boyz, and KevinNottingham.com. It has been mixed by HiPNOTT Records’ in-house DJ Mark-1, spiked with cuts from Khrysis and 9th Wonder and showcases Spectac and Amiri classics, as well as unreleased material, and tracks with Big Daddy Kane, Little Brother and other Justus League members.

Bandcamp Link: http://spectac-and-amiri.bandcamp.com/album/keys-to-the-vault-mixed-by-dj-mark-1

Alternate Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?1ytmmltfinw

Trav's Take: I haven't listened to this, I'm way behind on submissions and other stuff. But I always check out Spectac's stuff, simply because after Little Brother, he was one of the first JL affiliated cats I ran into. He can be kind of hit and miss for my tastes, but when he's on, he's on....